Gynecological Oncology Center


The Gynecologic OncologyCenter of the Chongqing University Cancer Hospital is a key medical disciplinein Chongqing, a key clinical specialty in obstetrics and gynecology inChongqing, and a center for early diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer inChongqing.

1. Academic leader

The center's subject leaderProfessor Zhou Qi, the State Council government grant expert, chief physician,second-level professor, doctoral supervisor, Chongqing medical leading talent,Chongqing oncology academic technology leader, Chongqing chief expert studiooncology chief expert, Chief expert of Chongqing Municipal Medical(gynecology), chief scientific communication expert of China Association forScience and Technology and other senior specialists. Main academic positions:Member of the Education Committee of the International Gynecological CancerAlliance (IGCS), former chairman of the Gynecologic Oncology Committee of theChinese Anti-Cancer Association (CGCS), executive director of the ChinaAnti-Cancer Association, deputy director of the Oncology Department of the WuJieping Foundation, China Clinical Oncology The deputy director of the Societyof Gynecologic Oncology Expert Committee, the deputy leader of the NationalCervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Cooperation Group, the deputy chairmanof the Chinese Geriatrics Society Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch, the deputydirector of the China Eugenics and Eugenics Association CSCCP, the ChineseSociety of Health Care International Exchange Promotion Obstetrics andGynecology The deputy director of the professional committee, the medicalidentification expert of the Chinese Medical Association, the chairman of theoncologist branch of the Chongqing Medical Association, and the editorial boardof many journals such as "Chinese Journal of Clinical Oncology" and"Chinese Preventive Oncology".

2. Experts

The discipline has a unitedand upward medical team, with a total of 127 medical technicians, 41 doctors, 9doctors, 6 chief physicians, 7 deputy chief physicians, 15 attendingphysicians, 13 resident physicians, and 83 nurses. There are 1 full-timeresearch staff and 2 full-time secretaries. Committed to comprehensivetreatment of gynecological malignant tumor surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapyand molecular targeted therapy. Discipline director Professor Wang Dong,visiting scholar of the Second Western Light, chief physician, standing memberof the Gynecologic Oncology Professional Committee of the China Anti-CancerAssociation, head of the oncology group of the Obstetrics and GynecologySpecial Committee of the Chongqing Medical Association Professor Zou Dongling,Professor Li Rong, and Professor Tang Ying, deputy directors of the discipline,are respectively visiting scholars at the Cancer Research Institute of theUniversity of Cincinnati, the National Institutes of Health, and theGynecological Oncology Center of Columbia University.

3. Research areas

The research direction ofthis center is prevention, screening and early diagnosis of gynecologicalmalignant tumors, precise treatment of gynecological malignant tumors,comprehensive treatment of recurrent/refractory gynecological malignant tumors.

4.Research achievements

The center is committed tothe clinical, scientific research and teaching work of gynecological malignanttumors. It takes the lead in formulating guidelines for the diagnosis andtreatment of gynecological malignant tumors. It comprehensively uses surgical,radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunological and molecular targeted, traditionalChinese medicine and other treatment methods to standardize the managementthroughout the process. Patient survival and improving the quality of life ofpatients are the primary goals, while innovating clinical research, thecomprehensive strength ranks the leading level in the field of gynecologicaloncology in China.

In the past three years, 23papers have been published, 10 SCI articles have been published, and the totalimpact factor is 72.082, 17 scientific research projects have been funded, witha total cost of 4.515 million, 4 national patents, 3 editor books, 2 editors,and editor industry There are 8 guides and 4 expert consensuses, 1 ChongqingScience and Technology Progress Second Prize.

Carry out clinicalproblem-oriented research, research and promotion of new clinical technologies.Our department began to carry out clinical drug trials in 2014, from theindependent launch to domestic multi-centers, and then to internationalmulti-centers, the scale continues to expand. At present, there are more than50 high-quality GCP projects under development.The center participated in theSOLO1, SOLO2 global multi-center clinical study launched in 2014. At present,the project has announced the results. The emergence of PARPi is a milestone inthe history of ovarian cancer treatment.