The hospital is the training base for postgraduate oncology studentsof Chongqing Medical University and Guangxi Medical University, as well as formedical-related and interdisciplinary disciplines such as clinical medicine,basic medicine, biomedical engineering, biology, pharmacy, etc. It has 6doctoral student supervisors and 30 master student supervisors, and has traineda total of nearly 50 doctoral and master students.

Relying on the advantageousdisciplines such as radiation oncology, gynecologic oncology, TCM oncology,bioimmunology, breast oncology, medical oncology (including respiratoryoncology, gastrointestinal oncology, hematologic oncology, breast oncology, andpalliative medicine), the hospital has established public experimentalplatforms including image acquisition and analysis, molecular biologyexperiment, cell biology experiment, protein electrophoresis experiment, andsmall animal experiment imaging to carry out basic and clinical research and meetthe needs of postgraduate students in scientific research.