(1) "1110" Overseas high-endtalent training project

In 2016, the Hospitallaunched the“1110” Overseas high-end talent training project, which intends touse "5 years, and invest more than 10 million yuan in grants to send 100professional and technical personnel to international institutions for 6-12months of training. The project aims to see 10 of the trainees with outstandingachievements in leading researches in relevant fields in the future. 68 peoplehave been selected, and 38 have been sent to study in the United States,Germany, and other countries. The Hospital has gradually established long-termand stable cooperative relations with advanced tumor prevention and treatmentinstitutions abroad.

Members selected forthe "1110" project have successfully applied over 60 academicprojects at municipal bureau level and above. published 71 articles, including31 SCI articles, with cumulative impact factor of 76.7. 11 new technology andbusiness operations were completed, and 13 patents have been successful filed.Moreover, four projects were approved by municipal authorities as new high-endmedical talent projects, with 82 new academic appointments at municipal bureaulevel and above.   It has graduallybecome an important backbone of hospital construction and development. For thefirst time, Dr. Li Jun, deputy director of the Urology Cancer unit,collaborated with German scientists and discovered for the first time a newtarget of chronic rejection after kidney transplantation - selective immunoglobulin.The article “Immunoproteasome inhibition prevents chronic antibody-mediatedallograft rejection in renal transplantation” was published in theinternational top academic journal in the field of urology and nephrology -Kidney International, with the Hospital as the first and corresponding author.It won the 2017 Best Paper Award of the University of Constance, Germany, andwas recommended on the home page of the University of Constance. The study hasvery important clinical significance.

Due to the excellentmanagement standards and remarkable achievements, the "1110" Overseashigh-end talent training project received appraisal from the CPC ChongqingMunicipal Party Committee Personnel Department as "Chongqing QualityTalent Project."

(2) Sino-German trainingprogram

Since 2012, theMunicipal Health Commission and the Sino-German Center for Academic Exchangehave carried out the selection of clinical doctors to well-known hospitals inGermany for training and study of medical exchange and cooperation projects.

The Hospital has beenactively applying for and selected a total of 20 people in 9 batches. On theone hand, participants followed instructors in designated German advancedmedical institutions to conduct clinical observation, study, and participate ininternational medical exchange activities. On the other hand, German expertsconducted return visits and exchanges, thus establishing a continuoustechnological cooperation relationship.