The hospital is anational standardized training base for resident doctors with 10 professional directions,including internal medicine, surgery, urology, radiology, clinical pathology,radiation oncology, anesthesiology, nuclear medicine, ultrasound medicine andmedical laboratory. It recruits annually 40 resident doctors and has 100 alreadyin training. Through the establishment of systems of two-level teachingmanagement, teaching supervision and teaching activity, qualified medicaltalents have been trained.

The hospital is the “Onenetwork, One chain” cancer specialist training base. Through cancer preventionand control network covering 30 hospitals in Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, etc.,it recruits 50 trainees and 150 exchange personnel annually, so as to cultivatetalents for the grassroot level hospitals. It not only trains backbone talentsin oncology to lead the development of disciplines; but also practical oncologyprevention and control professionals to promote the construction of regionaloncology prevention and control system.

The hospital is theonly training base for oncology nurses in Chongqing. Based on the constructionof “key clinical nursing specialty” in Chongqing, the hospital systematicallytrains a cadre of clinical oncology nurses according to relevant needs,improves the training mode of nursing talents with regard to job requirements,and a team of oncology nursing talents with high quality and high technicallevel that can improve quality nursing service.