The Cancer Hospital Affiliated toChongqing University is a postdoctoral research workstation approved by theMinistry of Human Resources and Social Security, national standardized trainingbase for residents, workstation for academician experts in Chongqing, workstationfor chief experts in oncology in Chongqing, Chongqing University postgraduateprogram provider, and training base for nurses specializing in oncology inChongqing. It has a complete system of teaching and training for interns, trainees,residents, master students, doctoral students, and postdoctoral fellows.

In the past three years, thehospital has recruited more than 1,100 clinical, medical, nursing andmanagement interns under the supervision of over 200 teaching staff to help inclinical work experience as well as theoretical training in medical ethics and clinicalpractice.

The hospital attaches greatimportance to improving the quality of standardized training for residents, andhas established a comprehensive system of faculty construction, assessment andevaluation, trainee motivation, and information management, with excellent achievementsby trainees in municipal level residents skills competitions in the past threeyears, including one second prize in 2019.

The hospital pays attention tothe cultivation of tumor specialists and has received 386 trainees in theprogram in the past three years, grassroot level tumor prevention and treatmentspecialists, promoting the construction of a regional tumor prevention andtreatment system. Annual training courses for nurses specializing in oncologyhave been held, training 167 students over the past three years, with anoverall satisfaction rate of over 97 per cent. The hospital also gives fullplay to the role of oncology nursing discipline in leading the professional developmentof the nursing profession.

The hospital takes postgraduateeducation as a breakthrough to cultivate inter-disciplinary medical talents.Relying on Chongqing University, the hospital has established postgraduatetraining programs for clinical medicine and basic medicine, and at the sametime, admitted students in biomedical engineering, biology, pharmacy and otherdisciplines. There are 6 doctoral student supervisors and 30 master student supervisors.

To improve teaching capacity, thehospital has established an efficient and cooperative management mechanism,forming a multi-functional team of hospital, functional departments,professional bases and departments. The hospital is now equipped with clinicalskills training center, electronic reading room, demonstration classroom,conference hall and other teaching units, as well as student apartmentbuildings. Logistical facilities, including canteens, provide the necessarysupport for the teaching of all types of students.



       Postgraduate administration:023-65301275

       Postdoctoral administration:023-65079108

       Resident doctor management:023-65070517

       Continuing trainee administration:023-65315352

       Nursing specialist administration:023-65303021

       Clinical pharmacist administration:023- 65311879