(A) Introduction of"China Pharmacy"

"ChinaPharmacy" magazine is administered and jointly sponsored by NationalHealth and Health Commission, China Hospital Association and ChongqingUniversity affiliated Cancer Hospital. It is a public academic journal ofpharmaceutical research circulated both home and abroad. Readership of thejournal focuses on hospital department of pharmaceutical sciences (pharmacy) atall levels of professional and technical personnel, as well as drugdevelopment, production, management, clinical application and supervision andmanagement personnel. Since its publication in January 1990, Chinese Pharmacyhas always been adhering to the principle of establishing a "brand-namefor Chinese academic journals and provide guidance for medical and healthdevelopment". Subscribers of the journal come from all levels andcategories of hospitals, medical institutions of higher learning, medicalresearch institutes, with a wide impact in the industry.

China Pharmacy is abi-monthly journal published on 15th and 30th (29th for the second issue forFebruary 2020) with128 pages per issue. Main columns include: Trends inmedicine and pharmaceuticals (including Expert Forum, Frontier in CurrentMedicine, Key Topics in Theory, etc.), Pharmaceutical management (includingMonographs in pharmaceuticals, Pharmacy management, Market analysis, Basic drugpolicy, Bidding and tendering, Community pharmacy, Practicing pharmacists, etc.),Pharmaceutical research (including Basic research, Preparation and technology,Drug analysis and testing, Traditional Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine,Network pharmacology, Gene targeting research, etc.), Pharmaceutical economics(including Economics research, Medical insurance research), Drugs and clinicalstudy (including Drug use observation, Precision treatment, Blood concentrationmonitoring, Drug use evaluation, Clinical pharmacology, etc.), Evidence-basedpharmacy (including Clinical drug system evaluation, Evidence-based research,etc.), Pharmacists and pharmaceutical services (including Drug data analysis,Prescription reviews, Adverse reactions, Case reports, Communitypharmaceuticals, etc.), Reviews.

In 2019, ChinaPharmacy received a total of 5828 articles, published 662 articles (publicationrate 11.3%). 584 articles were funded by ministerial and municipal grants,accounting for 88.2% of the total.

According to the 2018edition of China Academic Journal Impact Factor Annual Report released in 2019,the journal was cited 12,222 times, ranked first among 69 selectedpharmaceutical journals; the impact index was 1053.861, also ranked first;journal comprehensive impact factor was 1.241, ranked fifth; composite impactfactor was 1.419, ranked seventh. According to the 2019 edition of ChinaScience and Technology Journal Citation Report (Core Edition) (China Scienceand Technology Core Journal) data, the journal had a total core cited frequencyof 7213, ranking first in pharmaceutical journals; comprehensive evaluationscore of 64.6 points, also ranking first in 49 selected pharmaceutical corejournals; discipline impact index of 0.96, ranking second; core impact factorof 0.974, ranking eighth.

"ChinaPharmacy" magazine is currently "Chinese Core Journal","Chinese Science and Technology Core Journal", "China Scienceand Technology Papers Statistics Source Journal", "Chinese JournalSquare Array Double-effect Journal", "RCCSE China Core Academic Journal",listed multiple times from 2009 to 2014 in the "Journal of ChineseScientific Citation Database Sources (CSCD)", "Chinese BiomedicalJournal Literature Database (CMCC)", "Chinese Biomedical JournalCitation Database (CMCI)", "Chinese Journal Full-text Database(CJFD)", "Chinese Biology Medical Literature Retrieval AnalysisSystem CD-ROM database (CBMdisc), "American Chemical Abstracts (CA)","Russian Journal of Abstracts (AJ)", "American InternationalPharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA)", "WHO Western Pacific Region MedicalIndex ( WPRIM)," U.S. "Ulich Journal Guide" (UPD)","Japan Science and Technology Promotion Agency Database (JST)" andother important domestic and foreign databases. It won the first prize of theformal Ministry of Health and Chongqing Excellent Journal Evaluation Award formultiple times, First National Health and Family Planning Commission ExcellentJournal Award, First Chongqing Municipal Government Publication Award, ThirdNational Journal Award, "2018 China Outstanding Medical and HealthJournal", "Chongqing Brand Journal in Commemoration of the 70thAnniversary of the Founding of New China", among many other honors, suchas "2019 Chongqing Outstanding Periodicals", etc. It was selected topresent at the "Commemoration Journal Exhibition to Celebrate the 70thAnniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China" in theBeijing International Book Fair 2019 (BIBF), and rated as excellent in thequality assessment of the Periodical Editing and Proofreading Project ofChongqing Municipality, with a special funding from Chongqing MunicipalPublishing House for eight consecutive years (since 2013).

(B) Introduction toChina Hospital Drug Evaluation and Analysis

China Hospital DrugEvaluation and Analysis is administered by China Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyAssociation, and sponsored by China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association,Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Chongqing University as national pharmaceuticalacademic publication.

Founded in 2001, itis a monthly journal, 128 pages, and published at the end of the month. ISSN:1672-2124,CSSN: CN 11-4975/R. Major columns includeExpert forum, Current trends, Publications, Drug use evaluation, Drug useanalysis, Pharmacological monitoring, and Reviews. Readership includes hospitalpharmacists, physicians and medical health departments, pharmaceuticalproduction enterprises related personnel.

The objective of thejournal is to improve the level of scientific and rational use of medicine inhospitals, reduce adverse reactions and waste of medical resources, to reportclinical drug evaluation and analysis, dissemination of cutting-edge medicalinformation and reasonable drug experts consensus, timely communication betweenclinical drug and pharmaceutical business enterprises, medical and healthmanagement Information and dynamic responsibility, focusing on practice. It isscientific, directional, authoritative, practical and reader-friendly.According to information from CNKI, the total number of institutional users whosubscribe to this publication is 3304, distributed in 14 countries and regions.

It is now included inthe Journal of Statistics of Chinese science and Technology Theses (ChinaScience and Technology Core Journal). It has been listed in the ChineseAcademic Journal Literature Database, Wanfang Database, CNKI, the ChineseJournal of Biomedicine Journal database, the Chinese Journal of BiomedicineCitation Database, and the US Stephen's Full-text Database.