Precision Cancer Medicine Center


1. Academic leader

Qian Cheng, male,doctoral supervisor, professor, director of Precision Cancer Medicine Center,Chongqing University Cancer Hospital.Director of the National Joint ResearchCenter for Precision Medicine Biotherapy.Chief Scientist of the Key R&DProgram of the Ministry of Science and Technology.Chairman of the ProfessionalCommittee for Precision Biotherapy Quality Research of China PharmaceuticalQuality Management Association.Experts of the State Foreign Experts Bureau'skey intelligence introduction project .“Hundred Talents Program” specialscientist, leading talents in scientific and technological innovation; one ofthe first batch of Chongqing Hundred Academic Subjects leaders, “First Prizefor Innovation” advanced individual.Research direction: oncology, tumorimmunology, cell biology.

2. Experts

At present, we haveestablished a team of more than 17 researchers with high, middle and juniortitles with Professor Qian Cheng as the academic leader. The members arefrom  top universities including QinghuaUniversity, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Zhejiang University, ChongqingUniversity, etc.The research team members have basic research backgrounds ingene therapy and biotherapy, as well as translational research and clinicalresearch backgrounds. They are all rigorous scientists with solid theoreticalknowledge and rich laboratory research experience.

LimeiLiu,PhD,graduated from Third Military Medical University, majored in Oncology.Published six SCI articles as first author or corresponding author(3 articleswith impact factor over 10, highest IF 14.971); Completed 5 national andprovincial projects with total funding 1.73 million; Have 5 national patents asmain inventor.

JiataoLi,PhD,graduated from the Chinese University of Hongkong, majored in Chemical Pathology.Publishedfive SCI articles as first author in high impact factor journals includingTheranostics, Biomaterials, Cell reports and Frontiers in immunology. Totalimpact reached over 50.

NaZhuang,PhD,graduated from Qinghua University, majored in Biology.Presentpostdoc of Chongqing University Cancer Hospital. Published two SCI papersincluding FASEB journal and Cell Death & Disease during PhD study as firstauthor.

3.Research areas

The main researchareas include cancer biology, cancer immunology, cancer biotherapy tolerancemechanism, research of newbiotherapytechnology, biotherapyclinical trials andapplications.


The team has published 160papers in SCI journals with total impact factor over 1000, which has been citedby SCI journals for over 5000 times.Professor Qian Cheng has hosted 22 nationaland provincial projects, including the Key projects of the Ministry of Scienceand Technology, the 973 Project, the 863 Project, and the key projects of theNatural Science Funding, major projects of the State Cooperation, with totalfunding of 62.9million.