TCM Cancer Treatment Center


1.Academic Leader

Li Peifu, male, ChiefPhysician, Second Grade Professor, Government Special Allowance Expert of theState Council. Famous TCM Experts in Chongqing. Academic and Technical Leaderin Chongqing, Tutor's Workshop of National Inheritance of Famous andExperienced TCM Experts, Adviser of Academic Experiences Inheritance of Famousand Experienced TCM Experts. Academic and Technical Leader of National TCMOncology. Professor Li has abundant clinical experience, who is expert intreating benign and malignant tumors and published 6 academic monographsincluding "Comprehension of Inheritance and Innovation of TraditionalChinese Medicine".

Zhu Dan, female,Chief Physician, Master‘s Supervisor, Adviser of Academic ExperiencesInheritance in Famous and Experienced TCM Experts, Famous TCM Experts inChongqing, Member of the Council in Auricular Points Association and TeamLeader of Auricular points Diagnosis in China Association for Acupuncture andMoxibustion, Professor Zhu has won “the Outstanding Contribution Award forNational Auricular Point Research”. Besides, Professor Zhu has written andpublished more than 60 papers and 5 academic monographs including "Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Auricular Point". Professor Zhu hasher unique methods to treat common disease in Acupuncture and MoxibustionDepartment and other complicated and incurable disease.

Wang Wei, female, MD,Master‘s Supervisor. Director of TCM Cancer Treatment Center, Director ofDepartment of TCM Oncology, Director of National Key Department,, Directorof  State Regional Nurturing Unit of TCM(oncology) Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Disciple of Master of Medicine JinShiyuan and the Director of Jin’s Inheritance Studio in Chongqing. ProfessorWang is the editor-in-chief and coeditor in several monographs and medicaltextbooks. Besides, Professor Wang has also published more than 20 academicpapers, held and participated in several national, ministry and provincialscientific researches. The professor specializes in treating middle andadvanced staged tumor with “Six in One”, and has high attainments in healthcultivation, prevention of cancer and treatment before disease occur.


Xiong Huisheng, male,Chief Physician, Academic Experience Inheritor of the Fourth Batch ofPrestigious TCM Experts. Doctor Xiong has engaged in clinic, teaching andscientific research for nearly 30 years, published several academic papers andparticipated in 2 scientific research projects.        

Wu Hengke, male,Deputy Chief Physician, Member of the Council in Chongqing Association ofChinese Medicine. Doctor Wu specializes in the treatment of gynecologicaltumors, renal disease and rheumatism with traditional Chinese medicine andWestern medicine. Besides, he has presided over 1 municipal-level scientificresearch project, participated in 2 municipal-level research projects,published more than 10 academic articles in national academic journals, andparticipated in 1 academic monograph.

Wen Jun, male, deputychief physician, Member of Oncology Special Committee of Chongqing Associationof Chinese Medicine. Doctor Wen has engaged in clinic for more than 20 years,and  specializes in treating lung cancer,esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer and other common tumorswith traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

Chen Hong, female,Deputy Chief Physician, National Second-Grade Psychological Consultant,Standing Committee Member of Special Committee of Mucosa RehabilitationMedicine of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Doctor Chenspecializes in the diagnosis and treatment of middle and advanced lung cancer,breast cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer and other malignant tumors andcommon diseases, frequently-occurring diseases, and complicated diseases. Inaddition, doctor Chen also attaches great importance to the physical and mentaltreatment of patients.

3. Research areas

(1)Research on theInheritance of Academic thoughts of Prestigious TCM Experts

The Academic thoughtsof Prestigious TCM Experts are “Integration of Traditional Chinese medicine”and the innovation and research of Chinese herbal preparations  by TCM Master Jin Shiyuan, “Auricular PointIndication for Malignant Tumor ”by Professor Zhu Dan, and “Five Diagnosis andFive Differentiation of Holism Conception for Tumor Treatment ”by Professor LiPeifu.

(2)Research Based onthe Entire Tumor Management and Integration Model of “Six in One”

The academic leader,Wang Wei, creatively puts forward the Entire Tumor Management and IntegrationModel of “Six in One”, which combines six kinds of therapies includingmedicine, eating diet, meridians and health cultivation, music, psychology andexercise, makes tumor patients receive comprehensive treatment and carecomfortably painlessly, and also recover their physical and mental health,improve the quality of life, and prolong the survival period. Up to now,100,100 patients have been treated by this “Six in One” model, which come fromall over the country and even Europe, America and South East Asia.

(3)Intelligentresearch of traditional Chinese medicine

The research onintelligent innovation of Chinese medicine oncology carried out by the team canachieve individualized precise intervention and improve people's health. Withthe help of artificial intelligence, big data and other high-technology, theinnovative research of TCM oncology intelligence could carry out intelligentidentification of human TCM physique, accurately intervene susceptiblepopulation with tumor, which can improve this constitution and prevent disease.

4. Researchachievements

In recent years, theteam has presided over and participated in 12 national scientific researchprojects, 8 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, 15bureau-level scientific research projects, 5 consensus and guidelines; our teamhas published more than 80 papers, some of which have been recorded in SCI;also, we have written, edited and participated nearly 20 academic monographs,medical textbooks; besides, we have 6 world-class academic appointments; 37national academic appointments, including 3 deputy chairmen and 12 standingcommittee members.