Unklo Star Camp


Relying on ChongqingKey Laboratory for Tumor Metastasis and Individualized Diagnosis and TreatmentTransformation Research, the Unklo Star Camp joins Chongqing Cancer Center,Chongqing Cancer Research Institute, Chongqing Molecular Diagnostic Center,Chongqing Kai Sheng Gene Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Shiji YouchengBiotechnology Co., Ltd., to establish the incubation base of tumor precisionmedical strategic emerging industries, which is designed to promote thedevelopment of tumor precision medical related tangible products, and providespace for  innovation and capitalintegration and a safeguard system of policy mechanism.

The camp is dedicatedto major diseases prevention and treatment, including genetic diseases andcancer, and build new technology transformation and industrialization platform,strive to promote the scope and level of genetic diseases and cancer screeningin Chongqing and the country, as well as strive to implement genetic testingtechnology to benefit public health.