Chongqing OncologyChief Expert Workstation


The Workstation isled by Professor Zhou Qi, and approved by the Municipal Bureau of HumanResources and Social Security.  It is anacademic and technical team leading the construction and development ofoncology in Chongqing.  The Workstationtakes Professor Zhou Qi's academic expertise as the guiding principle, andfocuses on platform construction, mechanism innovation and system improvementto carry out multi-angle, multi-faceted tumor diagnosis and treatment. It is animportant platform for academic heritage, featured service, talent training,and academic exchange.

Professor Zhou Qi isthe leading expert for the gynecological cancer center, and has over the yearsstood at the forefront of medical model change and research with painstakingcommitment to gynecological cancer group prevention and scientific research. Hehas paid much attention to the phase one of cancer disease, early diagnosis andstandardized treatment of cancer, basic and clinical combination of researchand the promotion of new technologies. His main research areas include: (1)intervention and standardized treatment of pre-cervical cancer lesions, salvagetreatment of advanced recurrent cervical cancer; (2) research on thesensitivity and prognosis of radiotherapy and chemotherapy of gynecologicalmalignant tumors; (3) research on molecular typing and targeted treatment ofovarian cancer; (4) research on early screening of endometrial cancer and theestablishment of genetic database; (5) precision treatment and clinicalresearch on molecular mechanism of gynecological malignant tumors.