Chongqing EngineeringResearch Center for Application of Big Data in Cancer Clinical Multi-groupStudies


The Center wasapproved by Chongqing Development and Reform Commission in 2018. It focusesmainly on female cancer, and continues to tap the knowledge in tumorhistological data, research and development of tumor diagnosis and screening ofscientific and technological achievements, through the integration of clinicaland life integration of tumor multi-group data, combined with big data,artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies, in order toaccelerate the transformation of tumor scientific research, enhance theclinical application of oncology big data, realize the sharing of applicationand promotion of oncology big data in the municipality and improve medicalservice capabilities at various stages of diagnosis, treatment and prognosis ofcancer patients. The Cancer Clinical Multi-group Big Data Application Platformwill provide safe and effective cancer big data research services, effectivebig data analysis algorithms and research and development tools, provideengineering application for tumor diagnosis and screening methods of researchand development, so as to ensure the efficient engineering of tumor big data,not only to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of tumor research, but alsoreduce the cost of research and development, and provide technical support andservices for the application of intelligent technology of tumor big data in themedical field.