Workstationfor Inheriting Expertise of National Renowned Senior Experts in TraditionalChinese Medicine


1. Li PeifuWorkstation for Inheriting Expertise of National Renowned Senior Experts inTraditional Chinese Medicine

Li Peifu Workstationwas approved in 2014 among the first for Inheriting Expertise of NationalRenowned Senior Experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine by the StateAdministration of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Affiliated Cancer Hospitalof Chongqing University, and passed inspection in 2017.

Li Peifu, Chiefphysician, Second-tier professor, master student supervisor, State CouncilSpecial Allowance recipient, Renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine Expert ofChongqing, academic discipline and technology leader of Integrated Chinese andWestern Medicine of Chongqing, supervisor of National Workstation forInheriting Expertise of National Renowned Senior Experts in Traditional ChineseMedicine, instructor for Traditional Chinese Medicine Expert academicexperience inheritance taskforce for the third and sixth sessions. Panel memberfor National Qihuang Scholar selection and qualification, National Science andTechnology Award selection and qualification, and judge for senior professionaland technical title in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chongqing. He has servedas the director and academic discipline leader of Department of TraditionalChinese Medicine, deputy director and standing committee member of CancerBranch of Chinese Medical Association, deputy secretary-general of CANCERINSTITUTE OF THE WORLD TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE INCORPORATED, executivemember of the Oncology Expert Committee of the Chinese Physicians Association,chairman and honorary chairman of the Oncology Expert Committee of theChongqing Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, chairman of the OncologyExpert Committee of the Chongqing Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine,chief expert of the Oncology Expert Committee of the Chongqing Society ofTraditional Chinese Medicine, vice president of the Chongqing Health CareAssociation, honorary president of the Chongqing Cancer RehabilitationAssociation. He has published six academic monographs, including Modern Theoryand Clinical Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Inheritance andInnovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There are 21 staff onthe team, including seven with senior titles, and seven with intermediatetitles. The main goal is to strengthen the inheritance of academic expertise ofLi Peifu in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and gradually form a routine orsystem with distinctive, curative effect of the relevant diseases oftraditional Chinese medicine treatment. It also aims to build the platform tocultivate high-level talents in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the hospital,and train a new generation of experts and masters in Traditional ChineseMedicine for Chongqing with regional characteristics to establish a school ofoncology studies with Traditional Chinese Medicine. At present, there areabundant academic achievements with more than 50 published academic papers andover 20 academic projects in China at the national, ministerial, provincial,and departmental levels.

2. Zhu DanWorkstation for Inheriting Expertise of National Renowned Senior Experts inTraditional Chinese Medicine

Zhu Dan Workstationwas approved as the project for Inheriting Expertise of National RenownedSenior Experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine by the State Administration ofTraditional Chinese Medicine for the Affiliated Cancer Hospital of ChongqingUniversity. The main task of the Workstation is to pass on the academicphilosophy and clinical experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine experts, andtrain practitioners with excellent talent.

A total of 11 memberswork in the team, all of whom are backbone of clinical medicine, scientificresearch, and teaching. Among them are three with senior titles, two withintermediate titles, and the young talents among the fifth session members forinheriting Zhu Danming's Traditional Chinese Medicine academic experience.Members of the team has, in the past three years, edited three and co-editednine academic works, including textbooks that are used in national universitiesand colleges. They have also presided over and participated in over 19 academicprojects at national, ministerial, provincial, departmental, and universityfunded researches.

Zhu Dan, chiefphysician, has over 60 years of medical experience. He is master studentsupervisor, and among the instructors of the fifth and sixth sessions ofNational Renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine Heritage Program. He is memberof the Standing Committee of the Chinese Acupuncture Society, and the head ofthe Auricular Diagnosis Group. Zhu was student of Li Zhu'an and Liu Liwu,renowned traditional Chinese medicine masters. In his decades long practice, hehas accumulated thorough understanding of classical works of traditionalChinese medicine, and undergone a systematic study of modern medicine,bio-holographic theory, system theory and cybernetics, and applied in clinicalpractice. After decades of clinical work, Zhu combined theory and practice andgradually formed his own philosophy of auricle acupuncture. In his systematicexplanation, the auricle corresponds with man and nature and serves as thetheoretical basis of auricle acupuncture. The auricle is a mini Tai Chi system,which is the guiding principle, and a human information exchange center, whichcan be considered as the objective basis for diagnosis and treatment.

Under the guidance ofMaster Zhu, the Workstation, led by director Wang Wei, aims to organize andpromote Zhu's academic philosophy and clinical experience, explore effectivemethods and innovative models to promote his expertise, in order to build aninfluential generation of researchers for the inheritance of TraditionalChinese Medicine auricle acupuncture and clinical and scientific research,contributing to the continuous promotion, development and growth of TraditionalChinese Medicine as an academic discipline.