Cancer Precision Medical Center


Cancer PrecisionMedical Research Center uses biotechnology, medical cutting-edge technology toprovide “individual”, “precision” diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.Precision medicine is a new medical concept and model for personalized andprecise treatment of diseases and specific patients, as well as a new diagnosticand treatment concept based on “targeting the source with precisiontreatment", integrating the use of synthetic biology, genomics, biologyand biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, immunology, clinical medicineas a means to carry out basic research-translational application-clinicalresearch and application for personalized treatment of cancer and precisionmedical research. The center has basic scientific research platform and celltherapy platform. The former is divided into molecular biology platform, cellbiology platform, flow cell detection/sorting platform, mass spectrometry flowplatform, radiation biological experiment platform, single molecule proteindetection platform, animal experiments and molecular imaging analysis platform,image acquisition and information analysis platform.

Major areas ofresearch include tumor immunology, tumor biology, mechanism of tolerance oftumor biological therapy, new technology research of biological therapy,clinical trial and application of biological therapy.

At present, ProfessorQian Cheng is leading a team of 17 researchers with senior, associate andjunior titles, who have graduated from Tsinghua University, the ChineseUniversity of Hong Kong, Zhejiang University, Chongqing University and otherkey universities in China. They have research background in basic research,translational research and clinical research in gene and biological therapy.With professional expertise as serious scientists, they have solid theoreticalknowledge and rich laboratory research experience.