Chongqing Cancer Individualized Drug DetectionCollaborative Innovation Center


The Center wasestablished in 2015, with a focus on individual application of anti-tumor drugsto carry out blood concentration monitoring, drug genome analysis and drugmetabolism testing, combined with other clinical features, to provide clinicaldrug consultation and intervention, and carry out new drug dosage forms, newdetection technology and new detection reagent based on clinical needs.Accurate and personalized medication, personalized clinical pharmaceuticalservices have been carried out based on drug gene detection, blood drugconcentration monitoring, combined with the current medical data.

At present, theclinical testing and R&D venue of the platform mainly includes the geneamplification center, in-hospital preparation production and R & D center,blood concentration testing room, etc. The platform has 23 sets of large-scaleinstruments and equipment, with a total value over 14,23 million yuan,including MySeq, miniSeq, da8600 of Daan Gene, seq200 of Huada Gene and otherhigh-throughput sequencers, 3D studio Digital PCR, 7500 fluorescencequantitative PCR, three-stage four-weight rod liquid-mass spectrometer as wellas drug analysis platform and basic test platform by pharmacy.

The Platform 25 technicalstaff of various categories, including nine with senior titles, and 13 withgraduate degrees or above. There is one expert enjoying the State CouncilSpecial allowance, one Chongqing Young High-end Talent, and three on the listof the “1110” Overseas High-end Talent Cultivation Project who have over oneyear of training experience in a foreign institution for advanced cancerprevention studies. There are also five experts with senior titles, three whohave already completed or ongoing post-graduate education. Over 30 people havesit on the panel of domestic and international professional associations, andsix have been qualified to supervise doctoral and master students.