Chongqing Key Laboratory for Tumor Metastasis and Individualized Diagnosis and Treatment Transformation Research


Established in 2014as a clinical translational medicine experimental platform, the Key Laboratoryhas been positioned to "stand at the international forefront ofindividualized diagnosis and treatment of tumor and clinical needs oftranslational applied research”. The Laboratory aims to promote thetransformation of medical and biological research results to clinicalapplication of cancer, the formation of key scientific problems to explore theregulation of tumor metastasis, to solve the clinical problems of individualdiagnosis and treatment of tumor-oriented transformation research system, toaccelerate clinical application, and improve the rate of tumor diagnosis aswell as prognosis. Accordingly, the Laboratory has carried out researches intumor metastasis-related application of basic research, the development of newdrug targets, screening new body fluids tumor markers, and tumor biologicaltargets to achieve precise radiotherapy.

The laboratory hasmore than 2,200 square meters of basic research venue, including basic researchplatform, gene amplification center, animal experiment center, tumor samplelibrary. It also the venue for clinical transformation application of more than2,000 square meters, including GMP laboratory, phase I clinical experimentcenter. There are instruments and equipment totaling more than 290 sets, with atotal value of over 24 million yuan. The tumor sample library stores more than170,000 samples of various types of tumor tissue, blood and nucleic acid, andprovides ethical sample collection, processing and preservation services forclinical research.

The laboratory has apermanent staff of 36 people, a professional talent structure, including 23doctors, accounting for 63.9%; 24 senior title researchers, accounting for66.7%. Among them,  there is one YangtzeRiver Scholar program expert, three experts enjoying the State Council GovernmentSpecial Allowance, two Chongqing chief medical experts and leading experts formedicine, four leading and reserved experts for municipal academic andtechnical development, and two Chongqing young and middle-aged medical high-endtalent, with strong basic research and clinical transformation capabilities.The Laboratory has established long-term exchanges and extensive cooperationwith Navarra University of Spain, University of Cincinnati of the UnitedStates, University of California, San Diego, Singapore National Cancer Centeramong other internationally renowned institutions.

The Laboratory hasgradually taken on a focus on “the key scientific problems of tumor metastasisregulation to solve the clinical problems of individual diagnosis and treatmentof tumor”. Achievements have been made in transformation research,gynecological cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer prospective evidence-basedresearch, precision radiotherapy mode research, molecular diagnostictransformation applied research, cell immunotherapy technology research withunique advantages. Led by the senior talents in the research team, theLaboratory is focusing on the following four main research directions: (1)tumor treatment target screening and new drug research based on tumor recurrenceand metastasis, epigenetic regulation, tumor treatment target and new drugscreening. (2) tumor biological targeted radiotherapy basic and clinicalresearch based on target area heterogeneous clinical intervention and precisionradiotherapy technology and system. (3) real-time tumor fluid biopsy basic andclinical research based on ctDNA and cfDNA methylation targeted sequencing andtumor exogenous fluid biopsy, and other related technologies. (4) basic andclinical research of cell immunotherapy based on the systematic integration ofbasic tumor research, tumor molecular diagnosis, tumor precision prevention andtreatment.