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Chongqing Cancer Hospital Officially Transferred Under the Direct Management of Chongqing University


In order to support the "Double First Class" construction of Chongqing University and promote the connotative development of higher education in Chongqing, Chongqing Cancer Hospital was transferred to Chongqing University as the Affiliated Hospital in accordance with the decision of the municipal government meeting.

On the morning of March 8, 2019, the handover meeting was held about the transference of Chongqing Cancer Hospital to the management directly under Chongqing University. Huang Minghui, secretary and director of Chongqing Health Committee; Xia Pei, deputy secretary of the Party committee; Zhang Zongyi, president of Chongqing University; Yang Dan, executive vice president; Liu Hanlong, vice president of Chongqing University, and other heads of relevant departments participated in the meeting.

Huang Minghui said that the Cancer Hospital was transferred to the management directly under Chongqing University, realizing the strong combination of the first-class hospital and the first-class university, which will strongly support the "Double First Class" construction of Chongqing University, vigorously promote the comprehensive development of "Medical, Teaching and Research" of the hospital, and more effectively provide high-quality medical and health services for the people. In the future, the Municipal Health Commission will continue to support the construction and development of the hospital as always, keep the original capital investment unchanged as always, and work together to build the hospital into a national famous one.

Zhang Zongyi said that the university will take the opportunity of the transfer and return of the hospital, comprehensively promote the construction of medical disciplines, innovate and improve the relevant system and mechanism, accelerate the construction of medical engineering, science and literature integration, medical teaching and research coordination system, make full use of the University's disciplines, platforms, talents and other resources, better play the supporting role of comprehensive research university in the development of the hospital, and drive the hospital to the overall improvement of subject level, scientific research ability and comprehensive strength. He stressed that the school will earnestly implement the instructions and requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, take the initiative to strengthen the cooperation with the Municipal Health Commission, closely focus on the needs of "Double First Class" construction and medical and health system reform, accelerate the concept update and mechanism innovation, comprehensively deepen the collaborative development of medical education and research, realize the co-construction, sharing and win-win situation, cultivate high-quality innovative medical talents, promote the development and progress of medical science , and make new and greater contributions to Chongqing medical and health development and "Health China" construction.

Xia Pei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Chongqing Health Committee, introduced the relevant contents of the transfer agreement.

   Wu Yongzhong, President of Chongqing Cancer Hospital, made a statement by saying that the Cancer Hospital will resolutely obey the decision-making and deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and do a good job in accordance with the requirements of the transfer agreement to ensure the stability and normal operation of the hospital. As an affiliated hospital directly under Chongqing University, the Cancer Hospital will make full use of the resource advantages of both sides and make clear the development direction and work path in combination with the actual situation of the hospital.

    First, adhere to the public welfare of public hospitals, perform the public service function of cancer prevention and treatment, based in Chongqing, facing the southwest and serving the west, provide high-quality, efficient and safe medical services for the people, give full play to professional advantages and unswervingly complete the task of poverty alleviation.

    Second, actively promote the pilot reform of modern hospital management system, benchmarking the performance evaluation standards of public hospitals, strengthening quality management, improving operation efficiency, innovation and sustainable development, and promoting the implementation of comprehensive reform of public hospitals.

Third, actively integrate into the school medical discipline construction, improve the level of discipline and scientific research capacity of the hospital. We will focus on building cancer precision medical research center, setting up scientific research team, refining research direction, focusing on advantageous forces, key research breakthroughs, and striving for high-level scientific research projects and scientific and technological achievements awards.

Fourth, strengthen personnel training and introduction, and improve the quality of innovative medical personnel training. Properly handle the integration of the old staff and the newly introduced talents to ensure the stable development of the team; properly control the entrance, improve the selection and employment standards, continue to increase investment, and cultivate a group of compound talents with global vision; create academic atmosphere, select excellent teachers to enrich the front-line teaching work, improve the ability level of the teaching staff, expand the training scale for graduate students, and speed up the connotation construction of the hospital.


On October 24, 2017, since Chongqing Cancer Hospital and Chongqing University launched the co-construction project, they have accelerated in-depth cooperation in personnel training, scientific research, platform construction etc., and achieved remarkable results. At present, two experts have been employed as doctoral tutors and 20 experts as master supervisors. The school has added a special medical engineering cooperation project into the basic scientific research funding, encouraging and supporting school teachers and hospital experts to jointly carry out basic research on the integration of medical science and engineering. At the same time, the school will vigorously promote the construction of high-level medical discipline platform, and establish the cancer precision medicine research center.