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The First Southwest Internal Medicine Department of Tumor Endocrine Nephropathy Set up in Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing University


Recently, the Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing University officially established the first Internal Medicine Department of Tumor Endocrine Nephropathy in Southwest China, opened cancer endocrinology clinic and set up special wards. It is reported that this is the first hospital in Southwest China to open the department of tumor endocrinology.

In recent years, with the increasing incidence of malignant tumors, it has gradually become the number one killer of human health, and endocrine and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disease are also the hardest-hit areas, with diabetes patients being more than 100 million. At the same time, there is a close relationship between malignant tumor and various endocrine and metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, thyroid disease, bone metabolism abnormality, but the cross cooperation between the two disciplines is rare in China.

First of all, many tumor patients belong to endocrine tumors, such as thyroid cancer, pituitary tumor, adrenal tumor, etc., and some tumor development and metastasis are related to endocrine hormones, such as sex hormone related breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc.; secondly, with the improvement of tumor diagnosis and treatment level and the obvious prolongation of survival period, many non-endocrine tumor patients may have a variety of complication of endocrine metabolism; finally, with the progress and renewal of the treatment, anti-tumor results in many adverse reactions of endocrine metabolism, such as thyroid dysfunction, blood glucose disorder, bone metabolism abnormality, adrenal dysfunction, pituitary dysfunction, sexual dysfunction and electrolyte disorder.

"In terms of cancer and diabetes, a large number of studies and data have confirmed that patients with diabetes have a higher risk of cancer." The head of the Department Wu Chinan said. The more common malignant tumors in patients with diabetes include liver cancer, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, bladder cancer and lung cancer.

According to some research, the risk of cancer in male diabetic patients is 27% higher than that in non-diabetic men, while the risk of cancer death in those with fasting blood glucose level higher than 7.8mmol/l is 25% higher than that in those with fasting blood glucose level lower than 5.6mmol/l. Cancer drugs, radiotherapy and immunosuppressive therapy may also increase the incidence of diabetes. At the same time, patients with tumor complicated with diabetes mellitus have lower blood glucose standard rate and worse prognosis than those with ordinary diabetes mellitus.

"So it is necessary to set up cancer endocrinology clinic and establish tumor endocrine MDT in the future." said Wu Chinan. It has practical significance for standardizing the risk assessment and diagnosis and treatment of patients with tumor endocrine, solving the clinical problems of patients with difficult and severe tumor endocrine, and treating patients with malignant tumor more accurately.

As a tertiary hospital, the Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing University is characterized by the diagnosis and treatment of cancers, while retaining the endocrine medicine as the basic discipline, which has unique favorable conditions in China.