Research equipment of Oncology Laboratory


First, the basic laboratory is equipped with SimpliAmp PCR and SLAN96P real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR, Synerge 2 enzyme labelling instrument, Synene G:BOX F3 gel imaging system, LICOR C_digit chemiluminescence imaging system, for routine basic experiments and gene cloning, protein immunoblotting, PCR and other molecular protein experiments.

Simpliamp PCR

Slan96p Real Time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR  

Synerge2 Enzyme-labeled Instrument

Synene G:BOX F3 Gel Imaging System

LICOR C_Digit Chemiluminescence Imaging System

Ultramicro Spectrophotometer

Electrophoresis Apparatus

2.  Japan Olympus xcellence intelligent imaging system, with DSU scanning system and live cell delay imaging function, can be used for multi-dimensional live cell image acquisition, control, analysis, etc.

Xcellence Intelligent Imaging System

3. The German cellcut cellector suspension single cell selection and laser cutting system is mainly used to identify, pick and transfer the single type of cells in suspension. With the help of CCD imaging, the suspension or adherent cells can be picked and transferred by controlling capillary, such as CTC, stem cells, etc.

Suspension Single Cell Selection and Laser Cutting System

4. Thermo TSQ Endura triple quadrupole liquid mass spectrometer has high sensitivity and accuracy. It is an essential tool in proteomics, metabonomics, lipomics and other researches. It can be used for sequence analysis, structure analysis, molecular weight determination and component content determination in organism.

TSQ Endura Triple Quadrupole Liquid Mass Spectrometer

5. Precision x-rad 225 irradiator is mainly used to carry out precise radiotherapy experiments on small animals or biological samples. It is suitable for samples with a depth of less than 2 cm, such as subcutaneous tumors, lung lesions of mice, etc.

X-rad 225 Irradiator

6. The American Johnson & Johnson sell search circulating tumor cell detector is mainly used to detect the number of circulating tumor cells in the peripheral blood of tumor patients and predict the prognosis of patients.

Sell Search Circulating Tumor Cell Detector

7. BD FACS cant Ⅱ flow cytometer, three laser ten colors. It is mainly used to analyze the diagnosis of immune cells and hematological system tumors in tumor patients.

BD FACS Cant Ⅱ Flow Cytometer