Overview of International Cooperation and Exchange


In recent years, with the goal of building a national level regional cancer medical center, our hospital has striven to build a "One Network, One Chain" cancer prevention and control system, to construct a platform, and to promote international exchanges and cooperation. Through a series of measures such as holding international conferences, deepening international cooperation of scientific research projects, extensively carrying out international exchange, and promoting overseas training plan for professional and technical talents, our hospital has greatly improved the level of internationalization and extend the international influence of the hospital. Our hospital is now a member of the UICC (Union for International Cancer Control) and a training base for “Belt & Road” International Joint Training Center for cancer professionals of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association. It has established long-term cooperation with overseas universities, hospitals and research institutions such as Cardiff University, Russia's National Cancer Radiology center and Taiwan Cancer Foundation.

Our hospital has reached strategic cooperation with Miltenyi from Germany, a leading global cell preparation technology company.

In July 2018, our hospital, together with Chongqing Zhien Health Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Germany Miltenyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., reached strategic cooperation on joint development and industrialization of CAR-T cell therapy and stem cell therapy products and services, and signed a memorandum of understanding on joint development of cell therapy medical research and medical cooperation.