Wang Zhiqiang

Professional Title: Professor


Wang Zhiqiang, male, Deputy Director of Breast Cancer Center, Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing University, MD, Chief Physician, Master's student supervisor. He is a current Youth Member of Thoracic Surgery Branch of China Association for the Promotion of International Medical and Health Care Exchanges, Deputy Head of Thoracic Surgery Group of Minimally Invasive Surgery Professional Committee of Chongqing Medical Association, Member of Precision Medicine and Molecular Diagnosis Standing Committee of Chinese and Western Medicine, Standing Committee of Western Regional Alliance of Gastroesophageal Junction Tumors, ISDE Member of International Association of Esophageal Diseases, Young editorial board member of national core journal Clinical Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery of China, and has published more than 10 SCI articles. Specialty: thoracoscopic minimally invasive resection of esophageal cancer, thoracoscopic minimally invasive resection of lung cancer, thoracoscopic precise segmental resection of lung. He completed the first two cases of total thoracoscopic radical resection of lung cancer, double sleeve resection of bronchus and pulmonary artery, and thoracoscopic mediastinal tumor resection in Chongqing.