Li Qingdong

Professional Title: Professor


Li Qingdong, Chief Physician, Vascular surgery and tumor interventional therapy, Bachelor's Degree

Member of Cholangiocarcinoma Special Committee of China-anti Cancer Association, Member of Liver Cancer Special Committee of Chongqing Anti-cancer Association, Member of Abdominal Surgical Anatomy and Operation Standing Committee of Chongqing Anatomical Society, Member of Metabolic Immunity Special Committee of Chongqing Immune Society, Member of the Third Cancer Minimally Invasive Treatment Special Committee of China Anti-cancer Association, Member of Pancreatic Disease Branch of China Medical and Health International Exchange Promotion Association,, Member of the Early Diagnosis Group of Pancreatic Cancer Screening, with 25 years of experience in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. He has studied in Germany, with rich clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of hepatobiliary, pancreatic and splenic diseases. Specialty: surgical treatment of hepatobiliary, pancreatic and splenic tumors, minimally invasive treatment of tumors (laparoscopic surgery, microwave / radio frequency ablation, intervention, particle implantation), minimally invasive treatment of metastatic liver cancer, diagnosis and surgical treatment of vascular diseases. He has been on multiple academic exchanges to Europe, America, Israel and other countries. Outpatient hours: Monday (full day), Wednesday mornings