Deng Hejun

Professional Title: Professor


Deng Hejun, Director of Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Cancer, Chief Physician, Master of Medicine, Head of Hepatobiliary Surgery, Chief Expert of Liver Cancer of Chongqing Cancer Hospital. Member of Cancer Surgery Special Committee of Chinese Medical Association, Expert of Chongqing Cancer Disease Quality Control Center, Member of Micro Trauma Special Committee of Chongqing Medical Association, and Member of Pancreatic Cancer Special Committee of Chongqing Anti-cancer Association. 22 years of experience in the clinical work of hepatobiliary oncology. Specialty: laparoscopic operation, laparotomy and diagnosis and treatment of hepatobiliary, pancreaticosplenic and laparoscopic operation. He completed the first in China laparoscopy exploration instrument for biliary exploration, laparoscopic portal vein intubation and subcutaneous placement of chemotherapy pump for the treatment of advanced liver cancer,  the first in Chongqing the laparoscopic preperitoneal patch repair of inguinal hernia and laparoscopic appendectomy besides operation, laparoscopic splenectomy and laparoscopic lobectomy. He has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, cholangiocarcinoma and gallbladder cancer, and scientific research ability. He has and participated in many provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects and published 16 academic papers.