Chen Weiqing

Professional Title: Professor


Chen Weiqing, M.D., Chief Physician, Professor, master student supervisor, doctoral student supervisor;

Member of Geriatric Endoscopy Group, Digestive Endoscopy Branch, Chinese Medical Association;

Member of Minimally Invasive Intervention Cooperation Group, Gastroenterology Branch, Chinese Medical Association;

Member of Clinical Epidemiology Group, Gastroenterology Branch, Chinese Medical Association;

Member of the Standing Committee of Cancer and Microecology of China Anti Cancer Association;

Member of Endoscopic Health Management and Physical Examination Committee of Endoscopist Branch of Chinese Medical Association;

Executive director of Cancer Precision Medicine Special committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies;

Director of the Alliance of the National Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Early Gastrointestinal Cancer;

Member of Academic Committee of National Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Microsystem Medical Devices;

Vice chairman of Digestive Endoscopy Committee of Chongqing Branch of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine;

Vice chairman of Cancer Endoscopy Committee of Chongqing Cancer Society;

Vice chairman of the Management Committee of Gastroenterology Department of Chongqing hospital Association;

Group leader of Endoscopic Ultrasonography, Gastroenterology Committee, Chongqing Branch, Chinese Medical Association;

Deputy group leader of Gastrointestinal Motility and Digestive Psychosomatic diseases, Special Committee of Gastroenterology, Chongqing Branch, Chinese Medical Association;

Reviewer of Chinese Journal of Liver Disease, Journal of Chongqing Medical University ;

Director of Department of Gastroenterology, Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Chongqing University / Director of Early Cancer Diagnosis and Minimally Invasive Treatment Center of Department of Gastroenterology; with over 30 years of experience in the diagnosis, treatment and research of gastrointestinal, hepatopancreatic and other diseases, and in-depth study on the clinical diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding, severe pancreatitis, cirrhosis and its complications, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. Specialized in gastrointestinal, hepatopancreatic and other diseases and endoscopic diagnosis, interventional treatment, clinical evaluation / diagnosis and treatment of cirrhosis and its complications, EMRL, EMR, ESD, endoscopic diagnosis, endoscopic guided biopsy / injection / drainage. Professor Chen has led the construction of the Department of Gastroenterology of the Cancer Hospital as the key specialty of Chongqing, established the Early Cancer Diagnosis and Minimally Invasive Treatment Center of the Digestive System, with a high detection the rate of early cancer of the digestive tract and intestinal polyp. In the past two years, he has treated more than 200 cases of early cancer of the digestive tract, and carried out more than 600 cases of ESD and EMR. He initiated and participated in a number of clinical studies and published more than 50 research articles, including 9 SCI papers and 28.982 cumulative impact factors.

At present, his main research results of clinical work are as follows: (1) ligation can effectively treat esophageal / esophageal + gastric varices, and ligation can be used for the treatment of gastric varices, the treatment level is among the best in China; (2) the efficacy of ligation in the treatment of varices is closely related to liver function, portal pressure, collateral circulation opening, etc.; 3) varices are effectively ligated with treatment which can reduce the mortality of liver cirrhosis, and may also prolong the survival of patients; (4) early treatment of gastrointestinal mucosa and submucosal tumor can be completed by EMR, EMRL, ESD and other endoscopic interventional treatment means, leading research in this area in Chongqing; (5) lipopolysaccharide combined with egg white may be another effective indicator for the diagnosis of spontaneous peritonitis of liver cirrhosis; (6) for colorectal cancer, in recent years, the incidence and location of the disease have new changes in Sichuan and Chongqing; (7) leading in Chongqing, our team has carried out the diagnostic and therapeutic norms of endoscopic ultrasound and interventional therapy of endoscopic ultrasound. The team now plays the leading role in such researches in Southwest China.