Li Dairong

Professional Title: Professor


Li Dairong, female, Chief Physician, MD, Master's Degree, High-end Medical Talent (Reserved) in Chongqing, Member of Cancer Clinical Chemotherapy Committee of China Anti-cancer Association, Member of Chongqing Biology and Target Therapy Committee of China Anti-cancer Association, Member of Cancer Chemotherapy Quality Control Committee of Chongqing Medical Association, Deputy Director of Cancer Department of Chongqing Cancer Hospital, Visiting scholar to Ohio State University, USA. Over 20 years’ of experience in comprehensive treatment of tumor. Specialty: diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of various malignant tumors and clinical trials of tumor drugs, especially the chemical treatment of solid tumors such as lung cancer, biological targeted immunotherapy and comprehensive treatment of advanced tumors. As principal investigator, she completed many national and provincial scientific research projects and published more than 20 academic papers (including SCI papers).