Li Zhenhua

Professional Title: Professor


Li Zhenhua, Deputy Director of Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Chongqing University, Chief Physician, and Secondary Expert of Multidisciplinary Joint Diagnosis and Treatment Group of Head and Neck Cancer. Member of Chongqing Cooperation Group of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Branch of China Association for Medical Promotion, Member of thyroid Professional Committee of Chongqing Anti-cancer Association, Member of Hearing and Speech Special Committee of Chongqing Disabled Rehabilitation Association.

Rich experience in the comprehensive treatment of head and neck tumor: comprehensive treatment of thyroid cancer, minimally invasive thyroid technology, first-stage functional reconstruction of oral and maxillofacial tumor radical resection, parapharyngeal skull base tumor surgery, etc. His specialty is combined radical treatment and functional reconstruction of oral and maxillofacial tumors (tongue cancer, gingival and oral floor cancer). He is a leading municipal expert in vascular free flap, bone flap and pedicled skin flap.