Xu Faliang

Professional Title: Professor


Xu Faliang,Chief Physician, Professor, MD, Master's student supervisor, Deputy Director of the Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing University

Member of China Anti-cancer Association, Member of Breast Cancer Special Committee of Chongqing Anti-cancer Association, Evaluation Expert of Chongqing Natural Science Foundation, Member of Breast Special Committee (National) of China Research Hospital Association, Member of Genetic Tumor Markers Collaboration Group of Cancer Markers Special Committee of China Anti-cancer Association, Member of Breast Cancer Group of Cancer Special Committee of Chongqing Medical Association. Specialty: various surgical treatments of breast surgery, including modified radical mastectomy, breast conserving radical mastectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy, pedicled composite tissue flap transfer, breast focus positioning biopsy and breast benign focus resection. From 2012 to 2013, he was recommended as a visiting scholar of "Light of the West" program in China to the Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences for further study in breast specialty. He has undertaken 3 provincial and ministerial medical research projects, won 1 provincial and ministerial medical achievement award, published more than 20 journal articles, and served as a special reviewer of many medical journals.