Zhou Xin

Professional Title: Professor


Chief Physician, MD, Professor, master's student supervisor, Deputy Director of Breast Cancer Center of Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Chongqing University / Chongqing Cancer Hospital, Member of Breast Cancer Youth Group of Oncology Branch of Chinese Medical Association, Member of Oncocardiology Professional Committee of Chongqing Anti-cancer Association, Member of oncology Management Professional Committee of Chongqing hospital association, Member of China Anti-cancer Association He is a Member of Clinical Oncology Cooperation Committee, visiting scholar of European Breast Center in Dusseldorf, Germany, Member and Secretary of Breast Cancer Group of Oncology Branch of Chongqing Medical Association. With over 20 years’ experience in breast cancer surgery, he has unique views on the treatment and research of benign breast diseases and rich experience in early diagnosis of breast cancer with high accuracy. He is specialized in the comprehensive treatment of breast cancer mainly based on surgery, radical mastectomy, preoperative and postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy and endocrine therapy, and the comprehensive treatment of advanced, recurrent and metastatic breast cancer. He also focuses on comprehensive treatment of breast cancer and sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast cancer. He has published several papers as the first author in Chongqing Medical Journal and participated in the clinical research of breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery.