Nutrition Department

The nutrition department (cancer nutrition diagnosis and treatment center) is the Medical Technology Department of the Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing University. It is mainly responsible for the nutrition consultation, nutrition evaluation, nutrition consultation, preparation of enteral nutrition preparation and health publicity and education of knowledge related to clinical nutrition of inpatients and outpatients in the hospital, as well as the clinical, scientific research and teaching of tumor nutrition.

The department currently has 7 oncology nutrition medical care professionals, including 1 doctor, 3 masters, 2 undergraduates, 1 chief physician / master supervisor, 2 attending physicians, 1 registered nutritionist, and 1 registered nutrition technician. . The department has advanced nutrition management software (inpatient system and outpatient system), body composition analyzer, enteral nutrition pump, enteral nutrition preparation system, etc.

The department has undertaken a number of provincial and ministerial scientific research projects and a number of tumor nutrition appropriate technology promotion projects, and developed new technologies for tumor nutrition diagnosis and treatment based on PG-GAS assessment tools. At the same time, more than 50 kinds of nutritional prescriptions have been formulated according to the different stages of cancer patients, such as perioperative period, perichemotherapy period, periradiotherapy period, molecular targeted therapy period, immunotherapy period, analgesic treatment period and other personalized nutrition formulas, in order to relieve the toxic and side effects brought by the above treatments , increase the anti-cancer treatment effect, and improve the quality of life of patients.

Clinical business scope: Diagnosis and treatment of nutritional metabolism of cancer patients; Anti-tumor drug treatment (including chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, molecular targeted therapy, immunotherapy, etc.) of malnourished patients; nutritional therapy of tumor metabolism; cancerous cachexia reversion treatment; Diagnosis and treatment of dysfunction, diagnosis and treatment of liver dysfunction, diagnosis and treatment of constipation in patients with cancer pain.