The Department of Imaging

The Department of Imaging includes a CT center, a magnetic resonance center, and a general center.

CT Center: the center introduced the first full-body CT scanner in Chongqing in 1985 and has accumulated rich clinical experience. Currently, there are four CTs: 128-layer nano-CT (Brilliance) from Philips in the Netherlands, Siemens large-aperture 128-layer spiral CT (SOMATOM Definition AS DNA), Siemens large-aperture 128-layer spiral CT (SOMATOM Drive), Siemens 32-row spiral CT (SOMATOM GO). Among them, SOMATOM Drive is the latest dual-source CT produced by Siemens. It creatively proposes changes in precision imaging, security imaging and intelligent imaging, leading a new era of CT development. SOMATOM Drive implements a new zero-iodine quantum dual energy technology that can quantify soft tissues without contrast agents. Based on the unique energy spectrum purification technology, dual-energy high sampling rate, and a new generation of holographic photon detectors, SOMATOM Drive can provide a new technology for accurate identification of microscopic components of tissues, and at the same time perform image identification and quantitative numerical differentiation of normal tissues and tumor tissues. . SOMATOM Drive can obtain a pan-scan image of the whole body at a chest radiographic dose, which significantly reduces the radiation dose. SOMATOM Drive is equipped with a new artificial intelligence module to create a new clinical solution and realize the intelligent automation of the entire imaging process for the first time. All CTs mentioned above  have ultra-high image reconstruction matrices, which can complete real-time multi-planar reconstruction, MIP, CT angiography, 3D surface reconstruction and 3D display, 3D volume measurement evaluation, contrast enhanced dynamic evaluation, and multifunctional virtual endoscope function CT virtual colonoscopy, bronchoscopy function), advanced vascular analysis software, cardiac imaging system (coronary artery analysis, cardiac function evaluation, cardiac coronary calcification score analysis), CT perfusion analysis, advanced features for rapid tumor diagnosis, energy spectrum imaging analysis Various advanced post-processing functions can meet various clinical and scientific applications.

Magnetic Resonance Center: Established in 1994, the center currently has three magnetic resonance machines from Philips, Netherlands: Achieva1.5T, the ability of this AD 及 ability 1.5T 3.0T DNA. With the current super high-end platform of MRI, it is also the highest and most advanced technology platform currently in operation. Equipped with a 70cm aperture system, it can ensure a large coverage rate and can scan and image large patients. Its fast and high-definition imaging system has the advantages of fast scanning, simplified process and optimized patient experience. Especially for patients with massive ascites, body fat, and some patients with claustrophic syndrome, it can easily complete the examination of various parts of the body. Lipography, whole spine imaging, whole abdomen imaging, breast imaging, cardiovascular system imaging, limb blood vessel imaging, etc. The configured neuroimaging function package, osteoarticular imaging function package, vascular imaging function package, body imaging function package and breast imaging function package can fully meet the clinical needs. In terms of functional imaging, it also has many advanced application software such as 3D magnetic sensitive imaging, 3D whole brain perfusion imaging, post-processing of perfusion images, hydrogen proton spectrum imaging software package, multi-phase arterial spin labeling function package, MR diffusion post-processing software, etc. . At the same time, according to the characteristics of the hospital, a number of software such as brain function analysis software package, tumor imaging function package, tumor perfusion analysis imaging technology, cardiac function analysis software package, permeability analysis, tumor blood flow parameter measurement, etc. are equipped. Through the comprehensive application of various imaging technologies, it has unique leading advantages in tumor classification and efficacy monitoring and prediction.

General radiology Center: as the Chongqing breast disease prevention and control center, our hospital has the advanced all digital mammography double target imaging system (mammography DR) and mammography comprehensive diagnosis system of GE company, realizing the data management and excellent image display of breast inspectors. In addition, it is equipped with more than ten sets of advanced equipment, such as foreign advanced digital X-ray multi-functional perspective photography system, digital X-ray photography system (DR), digital mobile X-ray photography system (DR beside the bed), CR system of Kodak company in the United States, which can meet the routine and special inspection needs of general amplifier.

The imaging department not only has the most advanced tumor diagnostic equipment in Chongqing, but also has a professional team with good medical ethics and strength. The department has 75 professional and technical personnel of various types, including 5 senior titles and 13 intermediate titles. Subject leaders and business backbones have studied in Canada, the United States, Germany, and China for many times. The center has more than 10 national and municipal academic committee members and team members, published more than 90 papers in famous domestic and foreign magazines, undertook many municipal scientific research projects and image evaluation of GCP experiment, and is a municipal standardized imaging doctor training base. At present, it is mainly committed to the standardized construction of tumor imaging examination and diagnosis. This talent team is well structured and with rich imaging work experience. The team is unique in screening, early diagnosis, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, and clinical efficacy evaluation of various tumors.

In order to improve the medical experience of patients, realize the patient-centered ideal, the imaging diagnosis center, under the overall planning of the hospital, has reasonable layout, perfect process, beautiful medical environment. The center is equipped with large changing rooms, fingerprint lockers, rescue rooms and other auxiliary implementation equipment, to provide high-quality medical services that is comfortable, secure and safe, during the process of medical treatment.

With modern medical diagnosis equipment, a first-class team of diligent, virtuous and skilled, we have built up the strong imaging department, and strive to provide high-quality medical services for patients.