Medical Examination Center and Cancer Screening Center

Established in 2007, the Medical Examination Center and Cancer Screening Center covers an area of about 3000 square meters. It is the only professional medical examination institution with the characteristics of general medical examination and tumor screening in Chongqing, covering cancer risk screening, physical examination, health consultation, health care and health management, and integrating scientific research and teaching as well. At the same time, it is also the national health management demonstration base, the national collaborative unit of stroke early warning and cerebrovascular health management research, the council members of Southwest Health Management Alliance, and the collaborating unit of the multi-center application research on lung cancer early screening for physical examination population.

The center has first-class hardware equipment and outstanding technical force. In terms of hardware, it relies on the strong professional background, professional skills and professional facilities of the hospital, with the advantages of medical, scientific research, teaching, prevention and other resources of the hospital, to ensure the quality of physical examination and tumor screening, the construction of disciplines, and the cultivation of academic talents in health management.

The center is characterized by cancer risk screening; in the screening process, it focuses on pre-examination risk assessment, in-process quality management and post-examination chronic disease management; the center aims at "professional and personalized" services. Based on the differences on examinees’ age, needs, occupations, living habits and family history, experts with rich clinical experience in our center carefully design personalized tumor risk screening programs, make health situation analysis and provide scientific guidance. Establishing long-term follow-up archives: By intervening in the poor lifestyles and living habits of the subjects through health management, the center is to improve national health literacy, to increase awareness of regular health checkups and tumor screening, and to achieve tertiary prevention for people with high risk in cancer. The center tries to prevent the occurrence of tumors with great efforts, and to achieve the goal of "early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment”.