Pharmaceutical Department

The main responsibilities of the Pharmaceutical Department are to make drug purchase plans according to the medicine catalog and the needs of medical treatment, scientific research and teaching, and to collect the information of drug technology and drug market, and to provide safe, effective, high-quality and cheap drugs. Review doctor's prescription and allocate accordingly. Establish the drug supervision and quality inspection regulations to ensure the drug quality. Carry out clinical pharmacy work, evaluate the new medicines, clinical experiment by cooperating with the clinical, and promote scientific drug use. Make suggestions on improving or eliminating drug varieties, and carry out scientific research work such as evidence-based pharmacy and pharmacoeconomic.

Pharmaceutical department includes general office, clinical pharmacy room, pharmacy of inpatient department, outpatient Western pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine room (outpatient and inpatient integration), intravenous drug dispensing center, drug warehouse, drug testing room, preparation room, GCP pharmacy, etc.