Pathology Department

Established in 1963, the Pathology Department has developed into an important clinical diagnostic department that integrates diagnosis, scientific research and teaching.

The department currently uses an area of 1836m2, including histopathology, cytopathology, molecular pathology, and sample bank. In addition to conventional pathology techniques, the department conducts molecular detection projects such as FISH, PCR and second-generation high-throughput sequencing. The facilities in the department are standardized and the equipment is well-equipped. It has one Roche cobas480 PCR instrument, one imported Thermo and one Leica low temperature constant cold microtome; one Thermo automatic dehydrator; two Thermo tissue embedding machines; one Roche automatic immunohistochemical staining machine, one Japanese Olympus five-person microscope and one Nikon fluorescence microscope, and computer histology, cytology and molecular pathology micro-camera image analysis system. Including Roche VENTANA HE600 automatic HE staining machine, RocheBENCHMARK XT automatic immunohistochemical staining machine, Nikon 50i fluorescence microscope, Roche Cobas Z480 real-time quantitative PCR instrument, Life 7500 real-time quantitative PCR instrument, Thermo MULTIFNGE X3R high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, ABI 3500DX first-generation sequencer, Illumina Misq high-throughput sequencer, Illumina Minisq high-throughput sequencer, Life Ion PGM sequencer, Life Ion Proton sequencer and other equipment; biological sample library has 6 gas-phase liquid nitrogen tanks and supporting equipment; 15 ultra-low temperature refrigerators and supporting equipment, functions-intensive cabinets and other facilities.  

At present, our services include: histopathological examination, intraoperative rapid frozen section examination, puncture and exfoliation cell examination, cervical TCT examination, immunohistochemistry examination and molecular pathology examination. Actively carry out early diagnosis, early treatment and screening of cervical cancer, breast cancer and upper gastrointestinal cancer nationwide, pay attention to the development trend of cutting-edge disciplines, actively engage in tumor pathology research, successively published more than 100 papers in domestic and international academic journals, exchanged more than 50 times in national or regional academic conferences, and related to lymphoma, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and uterine cancer In the research of hot topics, 8 provincial and municipal scientific research achievement awards were awarded. All the pathologists in the pathology department, the Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing University will always focus on the patients and wholeheartedly provide high-quality and efficient services for the majority of patients and grass-roots medical units.