Head and Neck Cancer Center

The head and neck tumor center was founded in the early 1990s. It is the first clinical specialty of head and neck cancer that integrates neck surgery, otorhinolaryngology and oral and maxillofacial surgery in Chongqing. It is rated as the only specialty of head and neck cancer in Chongqing by Chongqing Health Committee. The department is a national standard training base for otolaryngologists, Chongqing Head and Neck Cancer Quality Control Center, and Chongqing GCP clinical trial base for head and neck tumors. In 2012, Professor Tu Guiyi, the national head and neck cancer leader of Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, was specially invited as the honorary professor of our department. In 2013, the Center established a sister department with the head and neck oncology department of the Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Tianjin Medical University, and proposed a long-term cooperative relationship with the Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

There are 56 medical staff and 22 doctors in the Department. There are 2 chief physicians, 5 deputy chief physicians, and 9 attending physicians. There are 6 doctors and 11 masters. The department currently has 86 approved beds and 120 open beds. There are more than 23000 outpatients, 3000 patients and 1700 surgeries.

Zhou Xiaohong, academic leader of the Department, serves as the Standing Committee member of head and neck cancer special committee of China Anti-Cancer Association, standing committee member of thyroid cancer special committee of China Anti-Cancer Association, standing committee member of cancer reconstruction branch of China plastic and cosmetic association, member of Otolaryngology Head and neck special committee of Chongqing Medical Association, vice chairman of head and neck special committee of Chongqing anti-cancer association, and thyroid special committee of Chongqing anti-cancer association Vice chairman of the association, vice chairman of the thyroid special committee of Chongqing Medical Association, vice chairman of the otorhinolaryngology scientific management special committee of Chongqing hospital association, member of Chongqing steering expert group of Huatuo engineering otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgery of China Medical and health care International Exchange Promotion Association, vice chairman of the audiology and voice Special Committee of Chongqing Association of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and manager of Chongqing anti cancer association Member of Chongqing tumor quality control committee, chief expert of thyroid cancer of Chongqing Tumor Hospital, expert of thyroid diagnosis and treatment of scientific communication group of Chongqing Tumor Hospital, etc. Other technical backbones served as members of Standing Committee of head and neck special committee of China Medical Education Association, Chongqing cooperation group of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery branch of China Medical Promotion Association, members of surgical nursing special committee of Chongqing nursing society, etc.

The department currently has two centers: Division of Otorhinolaryngology and Maxillofacial Oncology (Laryngeal Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center) and Division of Thyroid Oncology (Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center). The department is mainly engaged in the early diagnosis, orderly and standardized treatment of thyroid, oral and maxillofacial, otorhinolaryngologic and other cancers, especially the multi-disciplinary combined diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer (MDT), as well as the accurate, thorough and standardized surgical techniques for the late, recurrent and refractory tumors of the head and neck.

The core competitiveness and technical characteristics:

1. Head and Neck Cancer Multidisciplinary Joint Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT):

The multidisciplinary joint diagnosis and treatment of head and neck tumors is identified by the Hospital as one of the nine malignancies for joint diagnosis and treatment of chief experts. From the hospital system, the implementation and assessment of MDT, the department have set up a complete, standardized and strict series of management. We will convene the relevant experts of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, imaging, pathology and other disciplines to discuss MDT of patients with advanced head and neck cancer at the specified time, and formulate accurate clinical diagnosis and standardized comprehensive treatment plan suitable for patients. Professor Zhou Xiaohong, the academic leader, is the chief expert. The multi-disciplinary joint diagnosis and treatment is carried out regularly and standardly. At the same time, through the construction of standardized diagnosis and treatment base of caner, the cross regional specialty alliance of Otorhinolaryngology Head and neck surgery and the application of health appropriate technology has spread to the basic-level hospitals(15 districts and counties have been radiated), so as to achieve the homogeneity of diagnosis and treatment.

On the basis of radical surgery, patients with intermediate and advanced tumors of the head and neck are combined with adjuvant therapy such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and targeted therapy to reduce the rate of tumor recurrence and metastasis. Our department relies on the strong technical team of our hospital's radiotherapy center and the top radiotherapy equipment in the southwest region, as well as the radiotherapy and chemotherapy quality control center of the hospital, to perform reasonable, standardized and sequential comprehensive treatment for patients with advanced oral and maxillofacial head and neck cancer.

2. Minimally invasive surgery and standardized comprehensive treatment of thyroid tumor:

According to NCCN, ATA, AJCC, and relevant guidelines from experts in China, we have developed a standard diagnosis and treatment process for thyroid tumors. From diagnosis to surgery, iodine 131, TSH, molecular targeted therapy, and follow-up and relapse monitoring, a Complete diagnosis and treatment system. Among them, minimally invasive thyroid tumors, functional preservation, autoparathyroidectomy, enlarged resection of advanced thyroid cancer, and functional reconstruction of skin flaps have won the recognition in the industry. At the same time, the department has introduced endoscopic thyroid technology and radiofrequency ablation technology. The standardized operation technology of thyroid cancer in our department has been recognized as an appropriate technical project by the municipal health and Family Planning Commission, and has been recommended to various basic-level hospitals.

3. Expanded radical malignant tumor of the head and neck + primary repair and reconstruction technology

The perfect implementation of accurate, standardized and thorough tumor primary tumor resection + one-stage repair function reconstruction technology improves the patient's survival rate and reduces the recurrence rate while improving the quality of life (chewing, swallowing, speech and other functions, and beautiful face). In the past three years, our department has carried out repair and reconstruction of pectoralis major, modified pectoralis major, forearm, anterior femur, fibula and adjacent flaps in 115 cases, including tongue cancer, cancer of the floor of the mouth, cancer of the oropharynx, cancer of the buccal mucosa, cancer of the gingiva, cancer of the parotid gland, cancer of the thyroid gland, cancer of the larynx and cancer of the hypopharynx. At the same time, CAD / CAM technology is carried out to reconstruct mandibular defects after segmental resection of patients with mandibular tumors, trauma and osteomyelitis, and reconstruct the facial shape and occlusion relationship to improve the appearance and quality of life of patients; reduce the difficulty of surgery, shorten the operation time and The quality of the operation guarantees the effect of the operation and truly individualized and precise treatment. The reconstruction technology has been approved by the scientific research project of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission - the improved design of the head and neck surgical vascular anastomotic free flap and the application and promotion of the key technologies. It has also been recommended to various districts and counties, and regular municipal continuing education training courses have been held.

The accuracy, thoroughness and functional reservation of regional neck dissection is another important step in the surgical treatment of oral and maxillofacial head and neck tumors. It helps to reduce the recurrence rate of patients and improve the quality of life after surgery. Our department has won the first prize and the superior prize in the video competition of cervical lymphadenectomy in the city and the western region with its superb surgical technique.

In recent years, 163 cases of recurrent and refractory tumors in oral, maxillofacial, head and neck have been operated in our department. It mainly includes advanced tumors that invade the neck large blood vessels, nerves and adjacent organs (laryngopharynx, esophagus, trachea, intraorbital, etc.); tumors that recur after surgery and chemoradiation; parapharyngeal tumors, skull base tumors, intraorbital tumors, head A huge tumor in the neck. .

4. Surgical treatment of intractable tumors of head and neck:

Partial laryngectomy, total laryngectomy, and post-operative pronunciation training that preserve laryngeal function. Regular esophageal pronunciation training classes are held to help patients with total laryngectomy to regain language function and communicate with others normally. Parapharyngeal, skull base, orbital tumor surgery , Surgical treatment of huge tumors in the head and neck.

The department has advanced equipment such as ultrasonic knife, snake brand power system, high-definition electronic fiber nasopharyngoscope, STORZ endoscope, nerve detector, plasma therapy instrument, etc. Relying on the strong technical team of our hospital's radiotherapy center and the top-ranking radiotherapy equipment in Southwest China, as well as our hospital radiotherapy and chemotherapy quality control center, we perform reasonable, standardized and sequential comprehensive treatment for patients with advanced oral and maxillofacial head and neck cancer.

The Department has presided over and participated in many provincial and municipal scientific research projects, published dozens of papers in foreign SCI journals and domestic national journals, and participated in the compilation of many monographs. The Department has successively won the honorary titles of National Civilization Post, Chongqing Youth Civilization, Pioneer Post of Youth Civilization of Chongqing Health System, Pioneer Post of Communist Party Members, and "Advanced Workers' Family" of Chongqing Municipal Educational, Cultural, and Sports Union.