The Gynecologic Oncology Center

The Gynecologic Oncology Center is a key medical discipline in Chongqing, a key clinical specialty in gynecology and obstetrics in Chongqing, a center for early diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer in Chongqing, and a doctorate and master's degree authorized by Chongqing University. The discipline has a medical team with 128 medical technicians, 41 doctors, 9 with doctor degree, 6 chief physicians, 7 deputy chief physicians, 15 attending physicians, 13 resident doctors, 84 nurses. People, 1 full-time scientific researcher and 2 full-time secretaries. The center has members of the Education Committee of the International Women's Cancer Alliance (IGCS), chairman of the Gynecologic Oncology Committee of the China Anti-Cancer Association, executive director of the China Anti-Cancer Association, and dozens of national first- and second-level associations. It has experts who enjoy State-Council Allowance, a second-level professor, the chief expert of Chongqing medical science, a leading medical talent of Chongqing, and the chief expert of oncology in the chief expert studio of Chongqing Human and Social Affairs Bureau. The center now has four wards, with 320 beds, an annual outpatient volume of more than 40,000 persons, an annual hospitalization of nearly 10,000 persons, and an annual surgical volume of more than 2,500 units, of which grade III and IV operations account for more than 75%.

The center is committed to the clinical, scientific research and teaching of gynecological malignancies, and takes the lead in formulating clinical pathways and diagnosis and treatment specifications for gynecological malignancies. It makes full use of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immune targeted therapy, innovative clinical research, and implements standardized, individualized and comprehensive treatment. The primary goal is to improve the prognosis of patients, and the five-year survival rate of gynecological tumors is taking the lead in the nation.

The center has conducted joint diagnosis and treatment of gynecological malignancies for more than 10 years. It provides the best individualized treatment plan for patients with gynecological tumors, and has been approved as a demonstration unit for gynecological malignant tumors. The center routinely performs minimally invasive and single-hole surgery for benign tumors, cervical cancer screening and diagnosis and treatment of precancerous lesions, radical surgery for cervical cancer, ovarian cancer debulking surgery, endometrial cancer staging, radical vulvar cancer surgery, and three-dimensional post-installation.  And it is the first in China to carry out fertility-saving cervical cancer radical resection, recurrent cervical cancer central lesion resection, pelvic clearance, recurrent ovarian cancer reduction surgery, vulvar cancer radical surgery and plastic surgery, recurrent tumor rescue chemotherapy, targeted Immunotherapy, genetic testing and genetic counseling for gynecological malignancies.

The center has the latest three-dimensional post-installation machines, fluorescence / 3D / HD laparoscopes, hysteroscopy, Aerbo surgical workstations, thermal perfusion therapy instruments, ultrasound knives, vascular closure systems, optical-electronic colposcopies, RF knives, LEEP knives, Haifu Therapeutic Apparatus, High-risk HPV Detector, and a variety of gynecological specialized equipment. Systematic diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of gynecological tumors are carried out with the help of large medical equipment such as Da Vinci XI, PET-CT, MRI, 128-row spiral CT, rotary intensity-modulated linear accelerator, spiral tomography.

The center has been conducting clinical drug trials for more than 20 years and has been approved as a clinical research demonstration center for gynecological malignancies. In 2013, the center participated in the international multi-center SOLO1 and SOLO2 clinical research. At present, the center is doing more than 40 international and domestic multi-center clinical researches, providing patients with more individualized choices, with the goal of optimizing treatment paths, improving prognosis, and improving quality of life.

The center currently undertakes dozens of national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects. It has edited and co-edited more than 30 books, published more than 100 SCI and high-quality papers, received and trained dozens of gynecological oncologists, and has established a complete gynecological oncology medical service research and teaching system.