Gastrointestinal Cancer Center

The gastrointestinal cancer center, formerly known as abdominal cancer surgery, was founded in 1988 and is one of the earliest cancer specialties in our hospital. After decades of development, the center currently has two wards, with 80 beds and a total of 58 medical staff. Among them, there are 3 chief doctors, 2 deputy chief doctors, 9 attending doctors, 6 resident doctors, 5 doctors with doctor's degree, 9 master's degree, 8 international stomatologists, 11 nurses specialized in stoma wound, tumor and endoscopy. In 2018, it was successfully approved the training center for master degree of digestive tract tumor of Chongqing University, which is a clinical research center integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research.

In recent years, the center has developed rapidly. According to the international guidelines and consensus of experts, it has implemented the responsibilities of tumor MDT team and further standardized the diagnosis and treatment process of abdominal tumors. The Center is proficient in laparoscopic gastrectomy, laparoscopic rectal cancer radical surgery, laparoscopic left and right half colon cancer radical surgery, laparoscopic transverse colon cancer radical surgery, laparoscopic total colorectal resection and complex retroperitoneal tumor resection. The Center has formed a set of new modern surgical concepts in the minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal tumors, which has won the praise of colleagues at home and abroad. Actively promote the clinical practice of accelerated rehabilitation surgery (ERAS). Successfully carried out implantation of radioactive iodine 125 particles for metastatic malignant tumors, tumor targeted therapy and tumor immunotherapy. Especially in the standardized diagnosis of malignant gastrointestinal stromal tumors, the timing of surgery, gene detection, blood concentration monitoring and other aspects, we have made gratifying achievements.

With the continuous development of precision medicine, our center is the first to carry out TNT clinical research of local advanced low rectal cancer in Chongqing, and design the ileostomy through cecal catheterization to prevent anastomotic leakage of low and ultra low rectal cancer, avoid secondary operation, reduce the economic burden of patients, and obtain good social benefits. In 2017, five-hole NOSES surgery and three-hole NOSES surgery were carried out, which achieved minimally invasive and minimally invasive, further reducing surgical trauma, relieving postoperative pain and stress, and catering to the development of demanding medicine. In the same year, the abdominal thermal perfusion room was established, and patients could complete the abdominal thermal perfusion chemotherapy in the department, which added new treatments and benefits for patients with peritoneal metastatic cancer. In Chongqing, we carried out gastrointestinal stromal tumor clinic, stoma clinic and wound clinic earlier, and accumulated rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of specialized diseases. Health promotion activities such as gastrointestinal stromal tumor patients Association, Stoma Association, video health church, etc. are well organized. In recent years, through the accumulated experience of chest wall venous port implantation, in 2019, the Center was the first to successfully carry out arm venous port implantation in the hospital. The center also has a gastrointestinal treatment room, which can directly provide patients with a variety of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment.

“Keep in mind and forge ahead", many medical staff of the center went to the top hospitals at home and abroad for further study. Established a long-term close relationship with the Florida Hospital in Orlando, USA. Currently, the center is conducting two single-center clinical studies, and has been invited to cooperate with West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Cancer Hospital of Fudan University, and Xiangya Hospital of Central South University for GCP projects. In the past two years, the center has hosted 5 scientific research projects of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, 3 scientific research projects of the municipal Health Commission, and 2 scientific research projects of the Municipal Federation of social sciences. Many high-level papers have been published at home and abroad. The teaching work pays attention to the basic surgical training, improves the teaching quality, activates the management mechanism, and the Chongqing laparoscopic basic skills training class is praised by the basic-level hospital. The annual "Chongqing Gist Summit Forum" is even more expected by colleagues.

At present, the center has built a high-quality, high-rank, young learning team, and the department's cultural construction ranks the leading level in Chongqing. We will continue to work hard to serve patients wholeheartedly with the goal of patient satisfaction, the focus of academic progress and the means of minimally invasive technology.