The Breast Cancer Center

The Breast Cancer Center was established in the 1980s. It is a breast cancer specialty, Chongqing Breast Disease Treatment Center, Chongqing Breast Cancer Prevention Research Center awarded by Chongqing Municipal Health Committee, and won many honors in Chongqing. It is a graduate training base for breast oncology of Guangxi Medical University, a cooperative unit of the Breast Center of Cardiff University School of Medicine, and the only third-level first-class hospital for breast disease in Chongqing. Currently there are three wards, with 143 beds, an annual outpatient volume of more than 50,000 people, an annual admission of more than 9,000 patients with breast diseases, an annual operation of more than 3,000 cases, 89 existing professional and technical personnel, 5 are professors, 5 associate professors, 25 intermediates. There are 1 post-doctor, 10 doctors, 16 masters, and 4 master student supervisors. The department has taken the lead to establish 55 Western Breast Cancer Specialist Alliances and the Breast Cancer Group of the Oncology Committee of Chongqing Medical Association.

The center features advanced international technologies such as breast-conserving plastic surgery and breast reconstruction, and currently ranks high in China. In the past five years, the center has been funded by 15 scientific research projects of Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau, Chongqing Health Commission, and Shapingba Science and Technology Bureau. It has published more than 60 academic papers, obtained 4 national invention patents, 15 utility model patents and 5 books. It has won a Second Prize, 2 third prizes of Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Progress and 1 first prize, 1 third prize of Chongqing Municipal Health and Medical Commission Medical Science and Technology Achievement Award. The department presided over the teaching and research of surgery, and completed the training of interns. It is a clinical research center that integrates clinical, scientific research, and teaching. The comprehensive strength of the discipline is in the leading position and becomes influential in Chongqing.