Introduction to the Department of Critical Medicine

The Department of Critical Medicine of Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing University was established on November 27, 2007. Its main responsibility is to treat critical patients. There are 63 employees, including 16 doctors, 46 nurses and 1 civil servant. At present, the department has a standard laminar air-flow ward, a full set of imported bedside monitors, ventilators, continuous blood purifiers, mild hypothermia therapeutic devices, defibrillators, pacemakers and Imported blood gas analyzer. The intensive care system will be introduced in 2019. Being the cardiopulmonary resuscitation base, the Department of Critical Medicine is responsible for the rescue of critical patients in the whole hospital. More than 1700 critical patients have been treated annually. At present, it has carried out micro invasive, non-invasive, severe ultrasound and other hemodynamic monitoring technologies, as well as end-of-breath CO2, BIS monitoring, bedside fibrobronchoscope alveolar lavage, continuous blood purification, non-invasive (invasive) positive pressure ventilation Treatment, nutritional support for critical patients, and blind insertion of jejunal nutrition tube through nose. The purchase of advanced equipment and the implementation of advanced technology have made the Department of Critical Care Medicine of the Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Chongqing University step into the tops of advanced ICU in Chongqing.