Thoracic Tumor Center

The Thoracic Tumor Center has a long history, and various thoracic surgeries were successfully performed as early as the 1970s. Since the establishment of the oncology department in the 1980s, it has become the earliest professional department for the treatment of various breast benign and malignant tumors in Chongqing and a member unit of the Chongqing Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery Commission. After more than 30 years of construction and development, and the promotion and application of new technologies and new projects, the center has focused on the comprehensive development of chest tumor surgery. The medical technology is more mature, and the specialty are becoming more featured. It has distinguished itself in the treatment of lung cancer, esophageal cancer and mediastinal tumor and enjoys good reputation among patients.

As one of the hospital's key departments, it has strong technical strength, with 15 junior and senior specialists with rich clinical experience, all with master's degree or above, including 3 doctors. There are 40 clinical specialty nurses with college education or above, a well-equipped ward, and a variety of advanced equipment such as thoracoscopy, mediastinoscopy, and fiberoptic bronchoscopy. The department has established a comprehensive system of diagnosis and treatment of lung and esophageal cancer in the following aspects: further improve the preoperative examination, including MRI and ECT of the head as routine examination items, combined with advanced PET-CT technology and mediastinoscopy biopsy technology to achieve accurate clinical staging before treatment, making treatment more standardized and appropriate. For some patients with late lesions, preoperative neoadjuvant chemotherapy is carried out, which improves the surgical resection rate and the 5-year survival rate. In terms of surgery, minimally invasive thoracoscopy technology has been used, and more than 95% of patients can receive surgery under minimally invasive laparoscopy. Trauma and complications are significantly reduced, and life quality and prognosis are significantly improved after surgery. During minimally invasive surgery, what is especially stressed is systematic and comprehensive lymph node dissection, which greatly improves the surgical cure rate and long-term survival rate. The center is good at precise tumor treatment, single hole thoracoscopic lung lobe, segmentectomy, radical lung cancer surgery, and laparoscopic radical esophageal cancer surgery has become routine surgery and endoscopic mediastinal tumor resection. In addition, more surgeries are also carried out, including thoracoscopic pleural biopsy, lung, esophageal benign tumor resection, micro-single-hole laparoscopic treatment of various diseases such as thoracic surgery in sweating hand. In recent years, the center has carried out independent international innovations such as "Jiang’s Anastomosis" and "Non-thoracic Esophageal Cancer Endoscopic Radical Resection". The postoperative complications have been further reduced and the life quality has been further improved. As the routine work, the center performs difficult surgery in thoracic surgery, such as thoracoscopy bronchial sleeve resection, thoracoscopy bronchus and pulmonary artery bi-sleeve resection, lung cancer lobectomy combined with partial atrial resection, tracheal tumor resection and reconstruction , carotid resection and angioplasty, radical resection of the superior sulcus tumor, superior vena cava resection, replacement of large tumors in the thorax, and vascular reconstruction.

As for patients whose advanced tumors cannot be surgically resected, the center routinely conducts tumor interventional treatments such as thermal perfusion chemotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, and radioactive particle implantation, and robotic (Da Vinci) surgery.

In academic aspects, the center undertakes national and multiple municipal scientific research projects, carry out a number of clinical drug trials and related basic research projects while completing a large amount of clinical work. In the past 5 years, the center has published more than 40 papers and more than 10 SCI papers in Chinese series and core journals.

Talent training: Every year, there are 20 doctors who specialize in thoracic surgery, and attending doctors or above are sent to study abroad each year. Some will be selected every year to participate in top international and domestic academic conferences on lung and esophageal cancer, and they often conduct conference speeches and academic exchanges.

Superb medical skills, quality services, distinctive brands, and professional strength. Being "patient-centered", the Thoracic Tumor Center aims to reward the society with more effective treatment and human-oriented services to benefit the patients.