Palliative Medical Treatment Department

The palliative medical treatment in the Cancer Hospital is in line with international standards. It is the earliest and currently the only professional department dedicated to support and mitigation of malignant tumors in Chongqing. It is also a key discipline for Medical Oncology and a key clinical specialty in Chongqing. The Palliative Medical Treatment Department is the first national demonstration base for standardized diagnosis and treatment of intractable pain in Chongqing, the national standardized tumor nutrition treatment ward, and a core member unit of the Chongqing Lung Cancer Prevention Alliance. It is also the director unit of the Union of Tumor Support and Palliative Diagnosis Specialties, and the chief member unit of Chongqing Palliative Medicine Special Committee of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Society.

There are 33 medical staff, including: 3 doctors, 8 masters, 1 master student supervisor, 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 9 intermediates and 20 juniors. The department has 55 approved number of beds and 82 open beds. It has admitted more than 2,300 inpatients and 7,000 outpatients throughout the year, mainly targeting all types of Middle-or End-stage cancer patients, of which lung cancer accounts for 80%.

The Palliative Medical Treatment Department is an independent PI department of the National Cancer Drug Clinical Trial Institution. In recent years, medical staff of the department have published more than 50 articles including SCI and CSCD. They have undertaken a number of provincial, ministerial, department and bureau level scientific research projects and hosted many large-scale national, provincial and municipal conferences. The Department actively promote suitable malignant tumor technologies in various hospitals in 38 districts and counties of the city, conduct free consultations, popularize cancer knowledge, basic medical institutions hospital rounds, teaching, training, etc. It has set up Chongqing Alliance for Malignant Tumor Support and Palliative Diagnosis and Treatment Specialties with 48 alliance member units and Chongqing's first national refractory pain standardized diagnosis and treatment alliance. 17 consortium hospitals were developed. Since the establishment of the department, it has broken through professional barriers, overcame regional restrictions, and established a multi-center oncology and multi-disciplinary joint diagnosis and treatment model, which has been highly recognized and trusted by patients, family members, society, and colleagues. CCTV 1 filmed on the spot for 1 week. After the program broadcast, it has exerted great influence and receive good response from the society.

The Palliative Medical Treatment Department focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of middle-or end-stage malignant tumors such as lung cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, malignant lymphoma, and metastatic bone tumors, and provides early palliative treatment. The "Five Wholes" treatment plan involves whole person, whole process, whole family, whole team, and whole society. The Department covers chemotherapy, biological immunotherapy, precision targeted therapy, standardized analgesic treatment, PCA technology for refractory cancer pain, various percutaneous puncture technologies and regional perfusion treatment technologies, tumor nutrition diagnosis and treatment, comprehensive nursing counseling, and psychological counseling , humane care and other medical technologies and services.

All staff in the Department are committed to providing medical assistance to the cancer patients with superb technology, good medical ethics, and a strong sense of responsibility. "Care for the patients, respect for life and keep improving the quality of medical services" is the motto of the staff in the department!