Department of Cardiovascular and Respiratory

The Department of Cardiovascular and Respiratory was established on February 17, 2019, based on the former general internal medicine.

The former general internal medicine has a glorious history of more than 50 years. After the hard work and unremitting efforts of several generations, the department's scale and profession have developed significantly. With its superb technology and remarkable curative effect, it has won the majority of patients praise. At present, cardiovascular and respiratory department has strong technical force and outstanding specialty characteristics. It has a high-quality team composed of senior experts and highly educated talents. There are more than 30 medical staff, including 1 expert who has obtained government allowance from the State Council, 1 expert who has made outstanding contributions in Chongqing, 2 senior chief doctors, 4 deputy chief doctors and chief nurses, and a number of attending doctors, and 1 doctor, There were 9 master's degree nurses, 4 tumor nurses, 2 cardiovascular nurses and 1 intervention nurse. There are several majors such as cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurology. Each major is headed by the chief or deputy chief physician, who is responsible for comprehensive clinical medical work. As a standardized training base for resident doctors in Chongqing, our department has provided a large number of medical professionals for the health system training in Chongqing, and undertook the internship and teaching of medical students in Chongqing Medical University. At the same time, it has long-term close technical cooperation and academic exchange relationship with the internal medicine system of major hospitals in and outside the city. The Department has undertaken and completed a number of national and municipal scientific research projects, which helped accumulate rich experience in medical, teaching, scientific research, and formed a complete medical technology system.

There are more than 55 approved beds in the department and more than 1,400 patients are admitted annually. At present, with the rapid development of the hospital, department is facing a good opportunity for the expansion of the ward. With the service tenet of "all for the patients, for all patients", all the medical staff of cardiovascular and respiratory department provide high-quality services for the patients with first-class medical skills and sincere services.