Hematology and Oncology Department

Hematology and Oncology is the key discipline in Chongqing. The department was firstly established in 1978, and it launched comprehensive treatment of malignant tumors mainly based on chemotherapy and bio-targeted therapy. It is one of the departments to start the diagnosis and treatment of hematological tumors such as malignant lymphoma and multiple myeloma. At present, it has perfected a variety of detection methods such as molecular pathology, molecular biology, flow cytology, and genetic testing to achieve the accurate examination of common blood tumors such as lymphoma and multiple myeloma. The discipline also has a high level in the biological treatment of malignant tumors. Based on the basic research and clinical application experience of biological therapies in the past 10 years, the CAR-T clinical study of CD19-positive B-cell malignant tumors have been carried out, filling the gap in this field.

With more than 40 years’ development, it has now become a key department integrating clinical, scientific research, and teaching. It is now a training base for graduates of Guangxi Medical University and Chongqing Medical University. There are 25 national committee members and deputy director committee members in academic organizations such as the National and Municipal Medical Association and the Anti-Cancer Association. The department has 38 medical staff, including 3 chief physicians, 2 deputy chief physicians, and 5 attending physicians. There are 1 master tutor, 2 doctors, and 8 masters, who have undertaken the teaching tasks of standardized diagnosis and treatment of hematological tumors for undergraduates and graduate students, as well as training for clinical graduate students and advanced students. At present, it has undertaken a number of provincial and ministerial scientific research topics, published more than 60 academic papers in domestic and foreign medical journals, and won a national invention patent.