Department of Oncology

The Department of Oncology was founded in 1982. It is the earliest tumor chemotherapy specialty in the western region. After more than 30 years of development, it has become a key discipline of Chongqing Oncology and a major clinical specialty of Chongqing, integrating clinical, scientific research, and Post-doctoral, doctoral and master's admissions , the lead discipline of chemotherapy quality control of Chongqing Cancer Medical Quality Control Center, national drug clinical trial institution (professional).

Currently there are 68 medical and nursing staffs in the Department of Oncology, 1 doctor student supervisor, 4 master student supervisors, 7 senior titles, 8 doctors, and 16 masters; 36 projects including the projects awarded by National Natural Science Foundation of China and Chongqing Science and Technology Commission; more than 100 papers, including more than 50 SCI papers were published. It has undertaken more than 20 clinical trials of international multicenter and domestic multicenter drugs.

The Department of Oncology mainly conducts medical treatment and palliative treatment of tumors, including chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy and immunotherapy (currently in clinical trials), in addition to cancer pleural and ascites treatment, bone metastasis treatment, standardized treatment of cancer pain and tumor Diagnosis and treatment of intractable cases. Treatments for cancer types include lung cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, malignant melanoma, bone metastases, and other medical treatments.  

Oncology is based on international multi-centered symptomatic medicine and adopts the latest, standardized and personalized treatment schemes, which greatly improves the efficiency and survival rate, and some cancer patients get long-term survival or even recovery, which has achieved effect of domestic advanced level.